Qualitative measurement of attitudes of citizens towards smart surveillance and privacy


To identify attitudes towards smart surveillance and privacy in citizens within the EU member states.

Description of work

Task 10.1 Development of discuss guidelines

Discussion guidelines will be developed to investigate:

  • Citizens’ understanding of the types of technologies and applications identified in WPs 2-7;
  • Citizens’ understanding of the implications t of MIMSI (Massively Integrated Multi Sensor Inputs) technology
  • The beliefs and attitudes s of citizens with regards to sharing of personal information about themselves and others which is often a feature of smart surveillance and especially MIMSI
  • Citizens’ perceptions of the “security v. privacy trade-off” in smart surveillance. Which additional factors may influence citizens’ decision to approve the state entering into a “security v. privacy trade-off” when deploying smart surveillance. Particular attention will be given to:
    • o Security climate and level of threat, real or perceived
    • o Locations of deployment of smart surveillance
    • o Existence of laws and other appropriate safeguards
    • o Deployment or otherwise of specific technologies like face recognition technologies
    • o Length of storage of surveillance data

The discussion guidelines will be submitted to the European Commission for comments and approval before the start of the task, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Task 10.2 Group Discussions

Group discussions (Focus Groups) will be carried out amongst citizens in the participating member states. Each group will consist of between 8 to 10 participants. A minimum of two Group

Discussions will be carried out in each participating country.

Task 10.3 Drafting of country reports

A country report will be prepared documenting the results of the group discussions in each country.

Task 10.4 Preparation of synthesised report

On the basis of all the country reports received, a synthesised report will be prepared.