Underlying Technology Infrastructures


To determine:

  • How the technologies identified in WPs2-5 depend upon underlying technology infrastructures, especially telecommunications;
  • the extent to which the underlying technology infrastructure may allow unauthorised access to the
    • o technologies identified in WPs2-5;
    • o the personal information these technologies collect and process; and
    • o the qualitative and quantitative results obtained in the relevant area of application when employing the technologies identified in WPs2-5 for their intended purpose

Description of work

Task 8.1 Identifying and classifying underlying technology infrastructures relevant to smart surveillance

This task first identifies and classifies those categories of hardware, middleware and software which constitute underlying technology infrastructures for smart surveillance technologies.

Task 8.2 Identifying and classifying risk factors in underlying technology infrastructures

An analysis of the underlying technology infrastructures in order to identify and classify points of vulnerability which could result in losses of personal data or otherwise compromise the integrity of smart surveillance systems.

A group of experts comprising key technology providers, telecommunications specialists, digital forensic scientists, privacy/IT lawyers and users with police and counter-terrorism expertise will map, describe and classify points of vulnerability and other risks inherent in underlying technology infrastructures on which smart surveillance technologies may be dependent. They will identify counter-measures and additional safeguards.