Univerzita Komenskeho v Bratislave

Dušan Šoltés

Dusan Soltes

Prof. Dusan Soltes has been currently i.e. since 1993 working at the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University at Bratislava and since 2003 as a full time regular professor for MIS and International Economic relations and the director of the e-Europe Research & Development centre as a specialized centre for EU funded projects under the former 5th and 6th and current 7th FP especially those from the ICT/IST programme for more details: (//erdc.fm.uniba.sk). He has been also an evaluator for the EC and its 6 and current 7FP and has been collaborating with numerous DGs of the EC in Brussels in the area of the ERA, Information Society, ICT, etc. In addition to his home university he has been a Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at numerous universities at the EU member states as well as at the universities in the USA and China. Before joining his current university, he worked for numerous United Nations agencies (UNDTCD, ILO, UNECE, ITU, UNFPA, etc.) as a senior expert in the highest Professional category P5 in various countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. In years 1995-98 he has worked on a leave from the university as a Founding Director of the department of European Integration at the Office of Government of the SR and the Coordinator of the Council of Government for Integration of the SR into the EU and as a Special Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration of the Govenment of the SR. In years 1965-71 he has worked at the company level as an economist and systems analyst and later in years 1971 - 85 as a Researcher in Information systems at the former Computing research centre UN Program at Bratislava on the research tasks for the former state research programme in information systems especially for the former Federal  statistical Office of Czecho-Slovakia at Prague. Prof. Soltes has been widely publishing home and abroad in Professional periodicals as well as proceedings of many international conferences, congresses, seminars especially those organized abroad by various international Professional organizations of which he has been an active member.


Alexandra Jenčova

Dipl. Ing. A. Jencova is a graduate of the University of Economics of Bratislava with the specialization in the macroeconomic regulation. At the same university she has completed also a postgraduate course in Pedagogy for teaching economic subjects. In addition she is also a graduate of the State (foreign) Languages School  at Bratislava  with the state exams in English. On the basis of this qualification currently she has been working as a High school professor at the Trade Academy of Bratislava-Petrzalka teaching economic subjects and English.

In addition to that on an external  basis she has been working  for various international projects  at present with the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University of Bratislava also for EU/7FP projects CONSENT, SMART, RESPECT as a communication and information officer and also as a translator to/from English.